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IT Infrastructure consultancy provider in chennai

We do IT Consultancy in chennai and Tamilnadu.

C K Sathyanarayanan



IT Consultant in chennai

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we are doing IT and non IT  consultancy in chennai and Tamilnadu.

50 years of  experience  at affordable cost .


C K Sathyanarayanan


Backup solutions in chennai

We would like to introduce ourselves- ITECH SERVICES, a 15 years old IT infrastructure company in Chennai are ready to serve your office desktops on AMC basis at a very nominal cost. We are proud to say that we have more than 100 satisfied clients and they are the pillars of our company. We, ITECH SERVICES always approach our clients to satisfy their system needs and we are happy to say that our clients are on contract with us for a long period of time.  We assure you that we will definitely maintain trouble free desktops by well trained and well experienced service engineers.

We would like to differentiate us with other hardware maintenance company as our AMC is not only based on troubleshooting on  your day to day system issues but also we suggest our AMC clients as to:

  1. How to create and maintain a trouble free system environment
  2. How to reduce the system issues
  3. How to secure the official data with an automatic data backup
  4. How to use the office internet bandwidth in a secured manner
  5. How to maintain the mailing solution, mail backup and mail tracking
  6. Apart from these, we suggest how to implement office automation.

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backup server provider in chennai,Storage server in chennai

backup server provider in chennai,Storage server in chennai.

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We are the IT Infrastructure solution provider in chennai.nixbase is doing cost effective databackup servers according to the requirement of customers.


backup server provider in chennai,Storage server in chennai

backup solutions in chennai

data backup solutions in chennai

backup providers in chennai

How to secure your company/official data?

Imagine if you have the following features in your company/organization:

  • you can store the data in a dedicated system/s
  • you can store the confidential data in a secured manner
  • you have the facility to take automatic data backup instead of taking manually daily/weekly/monthly basis.
  • you have the data backup even when the employee deletes the data by mistake.
  • data cannot be copied through usb, pen drive, cd without your permission.
  • you can have a break free working environment even at the time of system failures.
  • You can completely avoid employees saving movies, songs or other irrelevant documents using your office internet.


We, nixbase technology are ready to give you a complete and permanent solution with the above said features as CUSTOMIZED DATA STORAGE at a nominal cost.



  • You can save all the data in the dedicated storage system.
  • You can maintain confidential data through policy and restriction basis. Unnecessary viewing, editing or deleting can be completely avoided.
  • You can avoid copying the data through usb, pen drive, cd etc.
  • Data backup can be done automatically to another hard disk.




Please contact:


nixbase technology

25/32,Mahalakshmi Street,




cell: 9940042415

our other services are:


 Backup Solution








tally on linux

we @ nixbase technology providing solution to run tally on linux. without compromising the performance ,features and security..

Pl call for Demo


firewall developers in chennai,Firewall appliance

firewall developers in chennai,Firewall appliance.

firewall developers in chennai,Firewall appliance

Firewall appliance

nixbase technology is focusing Security solution as a main priority for the customers . Our firewall appliance is exclusively for small and medium business segment .nixbase IT solution is giving the cost effective firewall solution to medium and small business segment .Because these segments not ready  to do the much investment in IT. This segment  want to reduce the recurring IT cost .small and medium business segment willing to expand their  business  ,the repetitive work can be minimized to give Best cost effective infrastructure solutions to this segment.

nixbase technology has launched the linux firewall with interface.The benefit of this nixfirewall is unlimited users ,No renewal cost with personalized support.Unlimited VPN clinet.

A. Gateway level port forwarding and port blocking.

B. Gateway level antivirus .

C. Reporting on usage statistics.

D. Content filtering (Site blocking) .- facebook ,linked in etc

E.Download restriction.

With squid proxy.

F.. VPN server configuration .

G. VPN user creation

H. Creating IPsec tunnel

and customized scope according to the customer.

Awareness has to happened  for firewall ,more than 50,000+ ports are open when you connect to the internet .But we needs few ports to connect to the internet .We can decide what website we can go regularly or what websites we need to open regularly.

The hacker cant able to enter in our network because of port blocking.We can forward our regular usage  ports like google or mail server .This is for the port protection ,hackers cant able to enters into our network. Lot of regular features in the firewall.User based policy for downloads,User based website blocking,Gate way level antivirus with unlimited updates from time to time.

Our parent company I Tech services is the distributor and dealers of Firewall of the following brands

Cisco firewall, sonicwall, fortigate, watchgaurd, Quick heal firewall.

The above above companies are using linux kernal for their os.we nixbase technology using the same open souce linux os with major customization.

How to connect office to branch office or main office to corporate office.

Virtual private network – VPN solutions at nixbase firewallWe can connect  one office network to another office network by way of internet VPN Tunneling without much expensive.

Thin client price in chennai

Thin client price in chennai

Thin client distributor in chennai

N computing thin client in chennai

It is n computing model L 300 ‘0’ client

thin 300-page-002

0 client
thin 300 thin client z 102 rdp3aw100

Thin client model

cost effective 0 client ,
thin client

Thin client devices

Thin client computing

thin client dealers in chennai

Thin client solutions

Thin client price in chennai

We are the IT solution provider in chennai for all IT end to end product.We are dealing 0 client and Thin clients according to the applications of the customer , their network setup and their server os.The price of the thin client are starts from Rs.3,500.00 to Rs.12,500 and Rs.13,000 based on their needs.
The server sizing can be decided the number of thin clients and their windows or linux os.The thin client is cost effective solutions according to their customers budget.

any clarification pl call 9940042415

thin client os

Thin client os
Comparision between desktop OS and Enjay Tornado OS
Many times we confuse choice with convenience. Its not always good to have more choices, but to have a single choice which is more convenient. Thin Client is matter of convenience where as Desktop offers more choice (which is not required).Choices at most times is not warranted in work environment.

Thin Client comes in small form factor, and low power consumption. But that is not the main advantage, main advantage is its specialised Operating system.

Thin client hardware being sold now is so powerful – like dual core 1.8GHz with 2 GB RAM etc. This lures people in using a standard desktop OS for thin Clients. But that does not serve the purpose, infact it defeats the basic purpose of using Thin Clients.

Many times, just to accommodate this desktop OS, people also use bigger hard drives in Thin Clients instead of Flash Memory, which is conventionally used. Which is also a bad idea.

Lets consider the reasons for using Thin clients, first:

Reliability of Hardware.

Speed and Agility.

Security of data and application.

Convenience v/s Choice.

Professional Support.

Now let us compare point by point disadvantages (unwelcome baggage) of using Desktop OS (or advantages of Enjay Tornado OS – which is a specialised embedded Thin Client OS)

Reliable by Design – Thin Client Os is embedded OS

The flash memory used in Thin Clients for storage is very fast in reads, but it has limited life in terms of “Writes”. 

So Enjay Tornado is designed in that way, most of the “write” functions of OS are disabled, only a small portion on disk is writable. Whereas Desktop OS writes lots of lots of things on Disk (even when you are not saving anything !!!).

This feature of Enjay Tornado OS enhances the life of Flash Disk. Considering that the disk is the most vulnerable component, increasing its life increases reliability of whole Thin Client.

Speed and Agility:

Desktop OS is designed to be versatile and not fast, where as Enjay Tornado OS is designed with speed and agility in mind. 

Example – Desktop OS might be using Gnome Desktop Manager (which is very resource hungry), whereas Enjay Tornado uses lightweight desktop Manager.

Secondly, the footprint of Thin Client Os is very small (for example basic Enjay Tornado OS is barely 300 MB), whereas Desktop OSes are generally very bulky.

Secured by Nature – Securing data and applications

Enjay Tornado OS offers features like locking of USB drives, (whereas desktop OS does not offer that).

Enjay Tornado OS offers locking of networking shares, printers etc. (even printer settings).

Enjay Tornado OS offers control and lock for applications available to the users, whereas desktop is designed to allow everything. (Publishing Local Applications to the user is a feature of Thin Client OS).

Enjay Tornado OS can even control connections to the serves, like RDP / ICA, 2X etc.

User cannot install anything on Enjay Tornado OS, whereas in desktop OS, this kind of locking is not possible.

Thin Client gives Convenience v/s Desktop offers Choice.

More Printer support, even printers which don’t have Linux drivers are supported in Enjay Tornado OS. (Example: Enjay Tornado OS supports many printers, which don’t have Linux Drivers, it uses a unique technology for the same)

Otherwise managing printers on any Linux Distribution is a big challenge.

Useful Local Apps – Libre Office, Media Player, Browser, SAP Client, Softphone.

Online Controlled Patch Management is available for Thin Client OS, whereas desktop also has that feature but it not controlled, every time a desktop OS will have 100s and 100s MB of updates and upgrades.

Professional (Commercial) Support 

Linux is free which is its greatest advantage. However that is also its greatest disadvantage. OS can be given for Free, but support cannot be given for Free.

Enjay Tornado is a Thin Client OS is backed by a professional team of technical experts, who can help.

Also if customisation is required that is possible in case of Thin Client OS, whereas it is not possible in Desktop OS (if possible, it is very very costly).

We also have a Channel on youtube for Enjay Tornado OS – Please click here.

If its just matter of having more choices (and Free OS) then go for desktop OS – at the cost of sacrificing basic features of Thin Client.But if you want to use Thin Client to its true meaning and derive maximum benefit out of it, please make sure that you have a proper Thin Client OS for the same.