Data storage and Authentication solution in chennai


Data theft prevention

Data theft prevention


Nowadays,almost all the industries facing a common problem is losing of official data due to data theft and failing to take a data backup and hardware failure. To overcome this problem, we present you an immediate and permanent solution as “OPEN ADS”.

We would like to present the features of OPEN ADS(Active Directory):

a) All we need is a server/dedicated system.

b) All users’ data are stored in that particular server/dedicated system and clients are connected to this server.

c)  Also an automatic data backup is done in centralized system with a separate hard disk.

 d)Roaming profile is the main feature of ADS in which all the users can work in any desktop(connected with ADS) using their defined profile with userid and password. Only their allocated folder will be mounted in that desktop to access further. They cannot access the other users’ profiles/folders. This will avoid malfunctioning and data theft inside the organization.

e) Those who have Administrative rights, say for example: head of the branch, can see and access all the users’ folders/profiles.

f)   We can customize the accessibility of folders like read-only, read and write, removing deletion option, rights to view the others’ folder to avoid unnecessary interference to data which is kept to be confidential.

g) The main advantage of this Active Directory is to completely avoid copying of data through external devices like cd drive, usb etc which is not accessible in Active Directory.

h) Delaying and postponing of work due to system issue/repairscan be avoided in Active Directory.

Technical features:

  • Configuration of domains and trees and placement of domain controllers
  • Using indexing technologies and advanced replication techniques.
  • Based on hierarchical organiz ational structures
  • Translates easily readable host names to numeric Internet Protocol(IP) address using DNS(Domain Name Sys tem)
  • Provides multi-master replication technology
  • Supports multi authentication protocols such as, Kerberos version 5 protocol, Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) version 3 and Transport Layer Security(TLS) using X. 509 version 3 certificates.
  • Based on standard directory access protocols, including Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) version 3 and the Name Service Provider Interface(NSPI)

     Please call us for further clarifications.

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