Hardware firewall solutions in chennai

Firewall dealers in chennai

Firewall dealers in chennai

Firewall solutions

 How nixbaseFirewall is beneficial to your organization

Let us see the features of nixbaseFirewall

a) nixbaseFirewall blocks adult sites and also porn sites.

b) nixbaseFirewall offers user based/IP based sites restriction.

For example:

If there are 8 systems,
sys.1 and sys.2 cannot access Naukri, facebook, orkut etc.
Sys.3 and sys.4 cannot access youtube,mp3, mpeg4, downloading facility…
Sy s.5 and sys.6 can access all the sites.
Sys.7 and Sys.8 have no browsing option.

  So, personal entertainment of users and seeking for other jobs while at their working hours can be completely avoided.

 c)   You can have log report on internet usage of all users. So unnecessary internet browsing by users can be avoided.

d) nixbase Firewall also blocks https:

e)The main and the most important feature of Firewall is Fail over System. If 2 ISP lines are connected in firewall, even if one isp line is failed, the other line will automatically start to access the internet.

f)  Another important feature is VPN connectivity. As a Head of your organization, you can stay in touch with your office network even when you are anywhere(required static IP)

g)   You can have a secured browsing facility through Firewall(blocking spywares and hackers).

In our present working environment, we see some employees or users are very used to access facebook, orkut, job portals and even adult sites during their precious working hours using alt+tab basis. This leads to lack of full concentration on their work and also reduce their working time. Firewall is very much useful to overcome these problems and to maintain a full-fledged working environment in your organization.

Technical specification:

 nixbase Firewall solution

  • Protect your network
  • Control access to Internet
  • Track internet usage
  • Content based site blocking
  • Fail Over multiple ISPs
  • Connect to your office from anywhere***
  • Be secured
Gateway level port forwarding and port blocking

  • Gateway level anti virus
  • Reporting on usage statistics.(User/IPs based)
  • Content filtering
  • Site blocking- like facebook ,naukri, Includeing https.
  • Download restriction user/IPs
  • Gateway Proxy.
Advance Setup ( required static ip )

  • Virtual Private Network
  • Fail over of dual ISPs

 Proper training and full guidance will be given to the clients after our nixbase Firewall is installed.





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    1. This is complete featured linux firewall with hardware.
      No Renewal cost,Unlimited users

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