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Thin client solutions

Thin client dealers in chennai

Thin client is a hardware virtualization process which can be useful for all segments to reduce IT cost.

We are the dealers and distributors of n computing zero clients,RDP thin client ,Enjay thin clients.

Why we suggest THINCLIENT for your organization?

VERY  Economical

The primary advantage of Thin client is its low cost as compared to a normal cpu.

  Saves Power consumption

     Usually, a normal CPU consumes 120 watts power but a Thin client consumes only 20 watts.

For example:

  If there are 10 systems(normal cpu) with a ups, backup will be 1hour.

But If there are 10 thin clients, it will give you 6hours of power backup because of its less power consumption.

  Lesser Space

    Thin client can be plugged in to the backside of the monitor. So it occupies lesser space than compared to a normal cpu.

      Easy Maintenance

  Since there are no hard disk, smps and no problem of os corruption, maintenance for thin clients are very easy.

No Antivirus required

Antivirus is not required for thin clients. Only the centralized system/server requires antivirus and this helps you to save antivirus cost for each and every system.

   Data backup

   While using thin clients, Data is stored only in the centralized system or server and not in thin clients.So data backup is needed only in the centralized system/server which is very easy, and not in all the thin clients unlike cpu.

non-compatible for Thinclients

Thin clients cannot support graphic oriented software/applications like Autocad, Maya, Flash, coraldraw, Photoshop etc…

Thin Client Advantages
Lower cost of ownership and maintenance
a.) Make your old P3 or P4 desktops as Thin clients by using PCI Thin client Cards which could be fixed in your existing old PC which will work at the speed of server . Existing old PC need not be sold at verylow price or scraped or We can Use separate Thin client PC Also.
b.)No need for ANTI VIRUS in the Thin Clients except server.
c.) Reduce cost per user
d.) Reduce manpower requirements.
e.)Easily upgradeable and expandable (without interrupting business)
f.) Software updates and additions are done once from a central server and do not require desktop upgrades
Better reliability
a.) Server class hardware performs better and fails less often than desktop PC’s and “consumer” operating systems
b.) User problems are easily resolved without requiring a technician to visit the desktop
c.) Simple procedure to replace the desktop device in case of failure.
d.) No moving parts- ideal for rugged industrials environments or for “clean” areas where there should be no particles, dust or noise generated
Better Security
a.) Applications and Data are all maintained centrally
b.) Disabling a login account disables access to ALL company information
c.) Files can be prevented from being transferred to local hard drives and floppiesd.) All user computer activities can be remotely viewed and monitored
Remote access to all applications and data with high performance
a.) Users get the same applications and data regardless of where they physically log on from. No longer required to work from “my machine”
b.) Users can get the same applications and data performance whether they access information from the office, a remote office, dial up from home, connect via the Internet, etc.
c.) Sessions can be viewed or shared from any client device thereby allowing technical support to watch and interact with the user session. This can also be used to collaborate with other users and/or provide interactive training.
Simplified end user experience
a.) Simplicity of “plug and go” terminals- connect the cables, turn it on, log in and start working
b.) User does not need to be concerned with the complexity of a PC, i.e. no way to mess up the system
c.) Once a user is given a logon account, they have access to all applications they need automatically without the need for a technician to configure the desktop device or user environment
For Total Thin client Technology Solutions

Please find below the More Models of Thin Clients.
Pl feel free to call me @9940042415


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