Work Flow Management software System

This work flow management is for all trading shops. The complete workflow is having following components .

1. Unlimited stocks can be keep in this software.

2.Billing can be done along with GST .

3.Product wise stocks can be maintained

4.Branch wise product inventory can be maintained.

5.Pricing can be prefix according to the percentage margin .

6.Purchase order can be raised from this system to Vendor .

7.Barcode Scanner with respect to the product identification .

8.SMS Gateway.

9.Task management system to assign task to other staffs .

10.Reports : Monthly sales Report , Any date to Date sales report ,Product wise Report according to the date ,Stocks Report.Branch wise Report with respect to date.

11. User friendly interface .

12.Product addition master.User masters.

Admin and user rights can be separated.

13.Closing balance of the stocks with values.,separate profit margins.,separate tax values.

The above system can be customized .


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